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4 top tips to prepare your equipment for auction

With the growth of online auction options, selling equipment is easier, quicker, and more profitable for sellers. Today, equipment owners have more options regarding when, where, and how to sell surplus equipment than ever before in the history of auctioneering – whether it's one machine or an entire fleet.
We spoke to our team of equipment inspectors and outlined 4 top tips to make your machines 100% auction-ready and boost your chances to get the best price.


Before you sell: understanding how buyers determine the value of your equipment

If you own a piece of equipment - big or small - at some point in time, you might consider selling it. The proceeds of the sale can be reinvested in your business or used otherwise. One of the first things you’ll want to figure out is what the value of the machine is in the market – and how much it is in demand.


Selling at Ritchie Bros. - Online Timed Auctions vs. Marketplace-E

Ritchie Bros.' Online Timed Auctions have gained a lot of popularity over the last year. We have seen massive increases in bidders, making it a powerful way to sell equipment. But did you know that Ritchie Bros. offers another great way to sell? Let’s take a closer look at Marketplace-E and how it’s different from our Online Timed Auctions. Here we go!


Buying at our online auctions: Top 5 questions and answers

More than ever before, online auctions are a popular method of buying and selling heavy equipment and trucks. We see more and more people are joining our online auctions, so we decided to put together a few questions and answers about Timed auctions. We added some extra tips to help you get even more out of your auction experience.


How To Ship Heavy Equipment Around The World During A Pandemic

2020 has been an unusual year for all sectors of the economy, and the equipment industry is no exception. The demand for logistics support has increased rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Explore four key areas to keep in mind when preparing your next heavy equipment logistics.


Five Steps To Keep Your Construction Company Safe Online

Over the last few years, the construction industry has seen a shift to e-commerce and online operations. It means equipment buyers and sellers can enjoy the many benefits of a truly global, virtual marketplace. However, this digital transformation also means that companies have to ensure that their cybersecurity strategies are up-to-date. To help you protect your business, Ritchie Bros. has created a free guide for equipment owners that will support them in taking the right steps.


Selling Equipment: 6 Things To Consider

Deciding when to sell your heavy equipment and trucks is equally important as choosing how to sell it. Dive in to learn six tips that will help you make a wise selling decision.


Dunton To Make An Immediate Environmental Impact Selling To Ritchie Bros.

Leading remediation specialist, Dunton Environmental has become the first UK business to purchase the next generation Cat 330 excavator with the latest Trimble 3D machine control, thanks to selling its used Cat D6T direct to Ritchie Bros.


Digital transformation is coming to the equipment business

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ritchie Bros. already had systems and software in place to switch from live auctions to fully online auctions - pretty much overnight. This was no coincidence. For the past five to ten years the company has been steadily building an e-commerce platform that is redefining how equipment owners buy and sell their assets.


How COVID-19 Is Revolutionizing The Equipment Industry

The way we do business is changing– and with COVID-19 and social distancing measures disrupting so much, 2020 is proving to be a pivotal time for industries to transform their approach to the digital world. Matt Ackley of Ritchie Bros. shares his views on the current climate of e-commerce, the huge advances made in recent years, and what we can expect in the future.


Easing cash flow for equipment owners

Ritchie Bros. supports equipment owners with flexible disposition options to improve cash flow, including advance payment options and purchasing seller assets outright. While many of us are isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the world of heavy equipment auctions is still turning. At Ritchie Bros., we've taken all our auctions online and have so far seen very little change in anticipated demand – or selling price levels – for secondhand construction and agricultural machines over the last few months.


Online bidding on heavy equipment increases during Coronavirus

Literally speaking, it has been relatively quiet around Ritchie Bros. auction sites recently. The world's largest heavy equipment auctioneer is known for its energetic equipment auctions held all over the world with "singing" auctioneers, rolling machinery, and big bidding crowds. But the theaters have been empty and will remain empty for now. Has the industry stopped buying and selling machinery? On the contrary. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ritchie Bros. temporary holds all its auctions via internet and is currently seeing unprecedented online participation. Businesses continue to buy equipment at the auctions in great numbers.


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