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Timed Auction bidding now available on the mobile app

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Bid quicker and more efficiently than ever We introduced our online Timed Auction bidding technology 11 years ago as a way to more efficiently sell attachments and small consumer items. No more waiting around until the end of the day...

Cook family turns to Ritchie Bros. to help with forestry retirement auction

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“Ritchie Bros. were professional, courteous, and compassionate” Douglas Cook built his business from nothing into one of the largest forestry companies in New England. He started his company in the 1970s while still in high school,...

4,400+ items sell for US$57M+ in Houston, TX

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April 12 – 14 auction attracts 10,750+ bidders from 55 countries With tight equipment supply in the market, we continue to deliver selection for buyers and great returns for consignors, selling more than 4,400 equipment items and trucks...

Sacramento conducts largest U.S. Timed Auction ever

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2,800+ items sold via Timed Auction for US$29+ million More people are shopping online than ever before—it's the new norm. Time is money and we want to make buying and selling equipment and trucks as easy, efficient, and secure as...

Top 10 items sold through SalvageSale

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Online auctions for salvage & reclaimed insurance assets At Ritchie Bros. we pride ourselves on providing customers everything they need to succeed . We have site auctions with global online bidding, weekly featured auctions, a...

It’s a seller’s market

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Market update from Raffi Aharonian, Managing Director of Rouse Appraisals Last month we posted articles about pricing trends and monitoring market indicators , where we outlined some of the unique market dynamics we have been...

Monitoring Market Indicators to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Market update from Raffi Aharonian, Managing Director of Rouse Appraisals Earlier this month, we published an article on used equipment pricing trends and how now is the perfect time to sell to maximize returns . But how will...

Record pricing continues in US$79M+ Texas auction

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Fort Worth auction attracts 14,700+ bidders from 68 countries Record equipment and truck pricing continued in Texas last week, with our first Fort Worth auction of the year generating more than US$79+ million in gross transaction value....

Inside Edge Transportation Panel on April 1 – REGISTER TODAY

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Ask the experts your transportation questions 2021 was one of the busiest years ever for the transportation industry, with online shopping and transport needs growing exponentially through the pandemic. Unfortunately, port...

Now is the time to sell, but why are prices so strong?

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Market update from Raffi Aharonian, Managing Director of Rouse Appraisals With the landmark Orlando auction officially in the books— attracting 26,000+ bidders and generating US$213+ million in gross transaction value —it’s a good...
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