Yorwaste recycling picks up great returns with help from Ritchie Bros.

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Ritchie Bros.' Donington Park, UK auction site

UK company works with Ritchie Bros. to dispose of surplus machinery.

Yorwaste, a leading recycling and waste management company in North Yorkshire, UK, operates at many locations in the UK and employs over 350 people. Over the years, the company explored various methods to dispose of surplus machinery, while ensuring that the equipment sold brought in the best return on investment possible. And it was important for Yorwaste to find a disposition partner that had the same core values – doing what is right and putting people at the heart of the operation. Yorwaste and Ritchie Bros. turned out to be a great match, working together to achieve great results selling equipment.

Multichannel solutions make for easier disposal – and better returns.

Ritchie Bros.' Donington Park, UK auction site

Kevin Smith, Procurement and Cost Control Manager at Yorwaste, needed a simple, hassle-free, end-to-end solution to sell and dispose of equipment. Since a visit to the 2014 Recycling and Waste Management trade show, where Kevin met his Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager Gary Beck, there's been a 'click' between the two. Gary has provided knowledge and advice every step of the way to ensure that Yorwaste get the best return on investment by using the right Ritchie Bros.' multichannel selling solution for each item.

'What we achieved at the auction far outstripped what we would have got from a private sale.'

"We decided to send two pieces of mobile plant (equipment) to the April auction in 2015 (at Ritchie Bros.' Donington Park auction site)," said Kevin. "We had benchmarked the two bits of equipment sold previously through Yorwaste's existing channels and had a good idea of what we might achieve if we sold them privately.

"We got very good prices and proved the concept – what we achieved at the auction far outstripped what we would have got from a private sale."

After the results of the first auction, Kevin and his team at Yorwaste didn't even need to look for an alternative as Ritchie Bros. offered solutions which were flexible and tailored to their needs each time. This enabled them to sell equipment at any auction that suited their business requirements, or from their own yard using Ritchie Bros. multichannel sales platforms.

Following a visit to an auction at Donington Park and the continued success selling through Ritchie Bros., Yorwaste now dispose of all their mobile plant equipment and have begun to look at the options for buying equipment through Ritchie Bros. auctions as well.

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