Supersized: five of the biggest cranes ever manufactured

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Ritchie Bros. sells 10,000+ cranes in five years

Over the last five years, Ritchie Bros. has sold more than 10,000 cranes of nearly all shapes and sizes, but none as big as these behemoths. Below are five of the largest cranes ever manufactured

Mammoet PTC 200-DS ring crane

This massive PTX-200-DS ring crane from the Dutch company Mammoet has a lift capacity of 5,000 tons! Ring cranes are true heavyweights in the crane industry. They have a long reach, small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization.

Check out the cool video below from Mammoet showcasing the power their cranes provide.

Demag CC8800-1 Twin lattice boom crawler crane

Demad CC8800-1 Twin lattice boom crawler crane

Manufactured in Germany, the Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN lattice boom crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 3,200 tons.

Liebherr 13000 crawler crane

Liebherr 13000 crawler crane

The Liebherr LR 13000 has a max lift capacity of 3,000 tons and is primarily used in power plant construction. It’s the only crane of its class that can operate without a derrick ballast, which is made possible by a slewing ring.

Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane

Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane

The 31000 is the largest capacity crawler crane ever designed by Manitowoc, with a lift capacity of 2,500+ tons. Utilizing its innovative variable position counterweight system, the 31000 requires minimal footprint and ground preparation.

Lampson LTL-2600 Transi-Lift

Lampson LTL-2600 Transi-Lift .

The Lampson Transi-Lift® 2600 has a max lifting capacity of 2,600 tons. Its Transi-Lift® System is a patented configuration that combines the heavy lifting capacities of stiff leg derricks and ring-mounted lift equipment with the mobility of a conventional crawler crane.

Cranes for sale!

Ritchie Bros. currently has more than 200 cranes available for sale through its live auctions, online events and Marketplace-E. Visit for more info.

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