Industry News Roundup: 5 Construction Megaprojects Underway

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California High-Speed Rail in construction

A look at construction megaprojects in progress across the world.

Even with years of pandemic-induced setbacks in the construction industry, such as labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, some of the world’s biggest construction projects have continued on towards inevitable completion.

From rail projects to airports and arenas, these projects promise to be marvels of the future. We’ve compiled a short list of some these jaw-dropping megaprojects.

1. California High-Speed Rail

Residents of the Golden State are eagerly anticipating the completion of the California High-Speed Rail (CHSR), a massive publicly-funded transportation project. The line will run from Anaheim and Los Angeles in Southern California all the way up to San Francisco’s SalesForce Transit Center. The ride is projected to take about 2 hours, 40 minutes one way for a total distance of 380 miles (610 kilometres). Future extensions could include San Diego and Sacramento.

Estimated Cost: US$105 billion

2. Dubailand

Second on our list has to be the megabig and megaexpensive Dubailand! This isn’t just a theme park to rival Disneyworld, but more like an entire city devoted to entertaining the masses. Like a Las Vegas of the Middle East. Dubailand consist of hotels, multiple theme parks, zoos, gardens, restaurants just for starters. It is 129 square miles of land, and projected to be completed in 2025, though most of it appears to be finished.

Estimated Cost: US$76 billion

3. North-South Water Transfer Project

China has a water problem. There’s plenty of water in the South, but not enough in the North. The solution? Bring that fresh water up to where it’s needed in one of the biggest, most ambitious (and expensive) engineering projects in history. The mega-infrastructure project features three channels – eastern, central, and western – funneling a combined 44.8 billion cubic meters of fresh water annually from the Yangtze River in southern China.

Estimated Cost: US$80 billion

4. Jansen Potash Project

Located in Jansen, Saskatchewan, this underground potash mine will be the world’s largest when completed. It will provide a massive source of potassium, providing farmers across the world a way to enrich crops and soil to improve food production. The potash mine, which will operate more than one kilometre underground, is the single largest investment in Saskatchewan history.

Estimated Cost: CA$12 billion

5. New Los Angeles Arena

With the Los Angeles Rams and L.A. Chargers enjoying their new football arena in a nearby Inglewood location, soon the NBA’s L.A. Clippers will enjoy spectacular new digs in the Intuit Dome. The 18,000-seat complex is being built by AECOM with a target completion of 2024. It will feature a practice facility, sports medicine clinic, team offices, retail space and large outdoor plaza with basketball courts open to the public.

Estimated Cost: US$2 billion

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