Glenn Fuqua construction sell more than 100 items in Houston


Ritchie Bros. Auction Lot

Respected Texas construction company chooses Ritchie Bros.  

Ritchie Bros.' recent Houston auction was a smashing success for Glenn Fuqua, Inc. The well-respected Texas construction company sold close to 100 items, including pulvimixers, excavators, wheel loaders and more.

"The auction went very well for us—we were pleased with the equipment prices and the way all the Ritchie Bros. employees handled our business. We couldn't be happier," said Glenn. "I've been working with Ritchie Bros. for decades and have become very good friends with some of their employees. I've been in the highway construction business for 46 years would not hesitate to recommend Ritchie Bros. to any contractor. They are outstanding!"

More than 5,300 equipment items were sold in Houston for US$45+ million. More than 7,250 people registered to bid in the two-day auction, including 5,850+ registering to participate online. U.S. buyers purchased approximately 88 percent of the equipment, including 47 percent purchased by Texas buyers, while international buyers from such countries as Australia, Germany, and Vietnam purchased 12 percent of the equipment. Online buyers purchased 61 percent of the assets.

Built from the ground up.

Glenn Fuqua built his company from the ground up starting with just a dump truck and a shovel. That was back in 1973, and since then he’s poured his heart into a company that now handles projects for the State of Texas as big as $12 million.

Now nearing 70, Glenn’s goal is to reduce his workload and that means a sizable fleet realignment and taking on smaller projects. With over 100 items to sell, he trusted in Ritchie Bros. once again to get him the best returns. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers has served him well in the past and its local territory managers have always had good relationships with Glenn.

“RB is the only company we’ve bought and sold from … since the early 80s,” said Daphne Day, Manager at Glenn Fuqua, Inc. “It’s the personal relationships that Glenn built with people at RB that keep him coming back.

“Nothing goes unturned with Ritchie Bros.; they don’t let anything slide. They have our best interest at heart, whether we sell or buy.”

Glenn Fuqua, Inc. grew over the years to encompass major construction jobs throughout the State of Texas. Projects for the Texas Department of Transportation comprise the bulk of their work volume with specialization in the fields of excavation and highway construction

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